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Call Center Insights powered by ISI Queue Analytics

Secure caller journey visibility and insights without the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining a full-fledged contact center. ISI’s Queue Analytics platform coupled with existing call queuing capabilities from Cisco, Webex and Microsoft enables customers to significantly reduce Contact Center operational costs.

With advanced reporting capabilities, call recording and real-time performance metrics, ISI provides a solution suite enhancing each of your call center queues.

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Available on the following platforms (Zoom coming in 2024)

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Powerful Call Queue Reporting

ISI Queue Analytics offers unparalleled insights into call queue performance, seamlessly integrating with Cisco, Webex and Microsoft Teams. It provides a cost-effective solution to oversee call handling, wait time management, and overall customer experience without the complexity of traditional contact center infrastructure.

Real-time Dashboard Views

Supervise agent productivity and performance in real-time and make sure your teams are hitting their KPIs.

Live Queue Summary

Real-time reporting visibility, including calls in queue; agent availability; call abandon rate; and more.

Agent Status

Monitor agent productivity, including current status, time in that status, calls handled, and more.

Daily & Hourly Statistics

Access critical call performance data refreshed in real-time. Total number of calls, calls handled, calls abandoned, call queue times, and service level – it’s all there. Drill down further to secure hour-of-day details for each call.

On-Demand Reports

Generate on-demand reports with just a couple of clicks. From high-level department views down to specific, detailed reports for each individual agent and call.

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Microsoft Teams Call Queue Reporting

ISI's integration with Microsoft Teams enables advanced queue reporting that go beyond what you get from Microsoft natively.

Teams Reporting

Webex Group Call Management

Break free of the native reporting limitations from Webex Control Hub by adding ISI Queue Analytics.

Webex Reporting

CUCM Hunt Groups & Queues

With ISI reporting you gain call center-like dashboards of call data for agent and queue performance.

Cisco UCM Reporting

Streamline operations, improve your bottom line.

Unlock the full potential of your Cisco, Microsoft Teams and Webex calling platforms with ISI Queue Analytics by leveraging the Call Queue capabilities natively available.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Gain strategic insights from detailed call analytics, enabling informed planning and resource allocation.

Optimized Operations

Utilize real-time data to streamline call handling processes, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

CX Performance Insight

Access critical metrics for evaluating customer service efficiency and team performance, fostering continual improvement.

Seamless Technical Integration

Benefit from a system that integrates smoothly with existing platforms like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, ensuring technical efficiency.

Advanced Call Management

Empower your team with tools for effective call queue management, from intelligent routing to quality monitoring.

MS Teams Call Queue Dashboard

Call Center Metrics Without a Contact Center

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