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Trust Infortel Select to get customer calls to the right place, reduce hold times, and secure insights into customer experiences.

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"Before Infortel Select, inbound store calls were constantly being re-routed multiple times. We weren’t getting customers the answers they were looking for which we knew was ultimately impacting in-store floor traffic, online sales, even order delivery."

Senior Director, Process Improvement & Productivity

National Specialty Flooring Retailer

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Track Customer Experience

Infortel Select gives retailers the multi-location call visibility needed to track customer experiences once an inbound call reaches a store. Trapped call data, such as the number of inter-department transfers, the length of hold times, and the amount of time that passes before a caller hangs up into accessible, usable, and meaningful information.

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"Consumers who initiate inbound calls to retail locations convert faster, spend more, and have a higher retention rate."

Pick Up The Phone: Your Best Customer Is On The Line

Forrester Research, Inc.

Improving customer experiences

Infortel Select gives national specialty flooring retailer the critical inbound call visibility it needs to get customers to the right employee, in the right department, at the right time – the first time.

Features & Benefits

Enhance the customer shopping experience

Reduce the number of department-to-department call transfers.

Provide a higher level of customer engagement

To ready-to-buy consumers regardless of the store location they call.

Increase sales opportunities

Complete customer follow-ups more efficiently than even some digital channels such as online form submissions.

This national specialty flooring retailer has 142 warehouse stores and design studios. In 32 states. And one CDR reporting & analytics platform to keep track of them all.

Experience the power of ISI Analytics

Unified Communications has changed telecom and the ways we communicate. To secure the CDR reporting and data analytics visibility you need to access and use trapped call data, manage telecom infrastructure, monitor customer experience and employee productivity, and secure historical records, you need the power of ISI Analytics.

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