Cisco Hunt Group Reporting & Analysis

Infortel Select’s extensive CUCM Hunt Group reporting capabilities significantly enhance standard Native Call Queuing tools.

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hunt group reporting

Infortel Select combines CUCM call detail activity with real-time UCCX metrics and historical contact center activity reporting in a single, user-friendly interface.

Infortel Select Hunt Group Benefits

Secure real-time Hunt Group queue visibility

Identify peak Hunt Group traffic times

View real-time Hunt Group agent status

Secure call count reporting detail

Obtain Native Call Queuing application metrics visibility

Identify poor caller experience events

Source Hunt Group calls

screenshot of infortel software showing call data and analytics for CUCM hunt groups

Hunt Group Questions Our Customers Are Asking

Yes. Infortel Select offers immediate, real-time hunt group agent activity dashboards that allow managers to make proactive decisions that can significantly strengthen customer ties. With Infortel Select, you have an up-to-the-minute status on what your agents are doing. Thus, you know when to staff up and you can identify and resolve agent performance issues.

Each agent name is displayed along with their current call status; the amount of time spent in their current call status; the total number of calls the agent handled; and the number of calls the agent transferred that day.

Yes. Gain the visibility and understanding of what’s happening now – and the ability to intervene immediately – with refreshed calls-in-queue, oldest calls-in-queue, available agents, and other critical statistic displays that are refreshed in real-time.

Set “good,” “poor,” and “critical” hunt group and agent status thresholds. Color-coded dashboards provide valuable early-warning issue alerts that speed response times.

Yes. With Infortel Select, you see the number of calls that were answered; call durations; the busiest Hunt Group call times; the call ring length; the number of calls that go to voicemail; and the number of calls that go unanswered. And this is just the beginning.

Infortel Select can readily assist with agent proficiency assessments and skill development assessments. You can, for starters, identify longer than average calls lengths; increases and decreases in the number calls handled; and an excessive amount of call transfers.

Experience the power of ISI Analytics

Unified Communications has changed telecom and the ways we communicate. To secure the CDR reporting and data analytics visibility you need to access and use trapped call data, manage telecom infrastructure, monitor customer experience and employee productivity, and secure historical records, you need the power of ISI Analytics.

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