Cisco Call Hunt Group Analytics

CUCM Call Reporting & Analytics

With ISI’s enhanced call queue reports, you get contact center-like reporting without the expense of UCCX. ISI Analytics has robust Cisco UCM reporting that goes far beyond native reports. Our dashboards reveal agent productivity, shed light on caller experience, identify usage for cost allocation, and support call history compliance requirements. ISI Analytics helps transform your call operations, improve reporting, and saves you from costly contact center expenses.

Enhanced CUCM Reporting

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new isi queue analytics dashboard

Cisco Hunt Group Analytics

isi analytics call queue dashboard integrating data from webex, teams, and Cisco.

Cisco Hunt Groups Reporting

Identify peak traffic times, monitor real-time agent status and detailed call reporting, facilitate better management of resources and optimization of caller experiences. ISI Analytics enhances Cisco's Hunt Group capabilities with call queue reports, agent performance, and call detail records — all available with real time metrics and historical data packed in an intuitive user interface.

Hunt Group Reporting
call queue, agent reporting dashboard

Real-time Dashboard & Metrics

Call queue analytics is a cost-effective solution to leverage contact center insights, without the complexity and expense of a traditional call center infrastructure. ISI's combines Cisco Hunt Groups and Native Call Queuing with powerful queue analytics so businesses can create enhanced reporting and analytics dashboards to call reporting and agent productivity.

NCQ Analytics

Cisco CDR reporting software, evolved.

webex call reporting dashboard

Powerful reporting across industry applications.

Infortel Select provides visibility into all corporate telecom activity for most general businesses as well as incorporating industry-specific capabilities for healthcarefinancial services, the public sector, and retail.

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Powerful CDR Reporting Software for Cisco

Unlock raw call data

Normalize raw data from each source into powerful, meaningful, and usable information.

Reduce network costs

Complete telecom infrastructure visibility to reduce net telecom expenses by right-sizing conventional trunk facilities and identifying and eliminating telecom misuse and abuse.

Maintain call compliance

Complete historical call activity visibility and fast, flexible, and on-demand ad hoc search tools.

Monitor UC adoption

Device-level call tracking and reporting, softphone adoption, and used/unused device management.

cucm cdr software dashboard

Get better Cisco call reporting data.

Reach out to our sales team to see how Infortel Select will help you improve your call reporting operations — everything from compliance to user adoption and performance.

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Use Cases

Save money with better usage data

Infortel Select helps you truly understand your telecom usage and expense, so you make the most intelligent, and profitable, business decisions. Allocate variable usage costs, fixed equipment costs and one-time charges, see your telecom spend broken out across your organization, and get the most value from your telecom system.

Call Accounting

Improve customer experience

Infortel Select provides organizations with call metrics and visibility essential for continual improvement. Reveal leaders and low performers within workgroups that make or receive calls, and monitor call volumes to ensure appropriate staffing.

Performance Data

Compliance, simplified

You need complete call activity visibility and fast, flexible, and on-demand ad hoc search tools. Infortel Select delivers historical call information in seconds, saving you time & money, making call compliance a lot less scary.

Call compliance
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Webex Call Reporting

Take your call accounting and analytics needs to the cloud. Get reports for call accounting, utilization, traffic analysis, and cost allocation, all tailor made for your enterprise. Get Infortel Select on the Webex App Hub and start getting more visibility into your Webex Calling activity.

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Experience the power of ISI Analytics

Unified Communications has changed telecom and the ways we communicate. To secure the CDR reporting and data analytics visibility you need to access and use trapped call data, manage telecom infrastructure, monitor customer experience and employee productivity, and secure historical records, you need the power of ISI Analytics.

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