Gauge Call Agent Productivity with Cisco UCM Hunt Groups and Native Call Queuing

Does your organization have visibility into the productivity of your employees and departments when it comes to inbound calls?

Can you easily identify those individuals who need training or the departments that are overwhelmed with calls during certain times of the day?

Contact centers provide at-a-glance insight into agent availability and productivity metrics, but they also require costly agent license fees and can be complex to administer. If you are utilizing Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), you don’t have this visibility in the reporting provided by Cisco’s CDR Analysis and Report tool (CAR). Instead, you can be left with a considerable blind spot that could cost you money and negatively impact customer experience.

Hunt groups and Native Call Queuing

While you might not have either Cisco’s Enterprise or Express (UCCX) contact center systems, if you have a CUCM system, both hunt group and Native Call Queuing (NCQ) capabilities are standard equipment. When hunt group and NCQ activity is combined with the right call detail record and analytics solution, you gain call center metrics that can shine a light on agent and hunt group productivity without the expense or complexity of a full-fledged contact center.

In CUCM, hunt groups distribute calls to predefined groups of team members or phones. For example, a phone line designated for service calls can flow to the desired group and can then be routed to a backup line or group, if necessary, in order to have the call answered promptly.

And with NCQ enabled, organizations have the ability to place callers in a queue and play hold music or messages while the caller waits for an available agent to assist them.

But CUCM’s native call reporting for hunt groups and NCQ is limited compared to what is available in a standard contact center. For instance, while UCCX provides hunt group summary and summary by hour reports, this important and often-used information is not available in the standard CUCM platform.

Accessing call center-like data

Infortel Select’s Premium Queue Analytics option provides access to these historic reports and more. With this call center-like capability, organizations have better visibility and analysis tools to gauge caller experience and satisfaction levels. When callers are in queue, Infortel Select’s Premium Queue Analytics can access vital, real-time activity from callers, agents, and groups – such call handling, wait time, and customer experience measurements – previously available only when a full contact center platform was deployed.

This visibility – including the ability to track call volumes, queue times, and historic hourly call traffic trends – can ensure that desired service levels are met, proper staffing is maintained, and callers have a positive experience. In addition, hunt group agent activity and productivity data can provide valuable insight to identify coaching opportunities and employee performance levels.

Infortel Select Premium Queue Analytics includes:

  • Real-time dashboard visibility into hunt group queues, including calls in queue, oldest call in queue, and available agents
  • Real-time dashboard visibility into hunt group agent status by agent name, including which hunt groups each agent is logged in to, current status, time in status, and calls handled
  • Visibility into Cisco NCQ application metrics, including queued calls, queue times, percentage of queued calls by Hunt Group
  • Reporting that aids analysis of hunt group call source and identification of peak hunt group traffic times so organizations can better anticipate staffing needs
  • Abandoned call analysis, including calling party ID, actual ring time before disconnect, and offending agent visibility
  • Call counts, call types, and call duration reporting by hour of day for each hunt group and answering agent

With Infortel Select Premium Queue Analytics, organizations can eliminate the inbound calling blind spots inherent with CUCM and optimize employee and department productivity.

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