Directory Import for ISI Analytics

Directory Import for ISI Analytics


Enhance Business Intelligence Capabilities by Integrating Webex User Data into the ISI Analytics Platform 


Align analytics with your organizational structure, including business units, divisions, and departments.

Add Powerfully Smart CDR Reporting & Queue Analytics to Webex Calling

Tailor dashboards & reports with precision

  • Call volume
  • Agent Status
  • Answer/abandoned rate
  • Calls by agent

Secure Data Governance Model

  • Restrict data visibility to relevant areas, safeguarding sensitive information

Custom Analytics Views

  • View analytics throughs the lens of your unique business layout
  • Enable informed decision making and operational efficiency

ISI call queue dashboard showing queues by attendant, handling by hour, last 7 days handling, and queue times the past 7 days.

Delivering value, organization-wide.

For CIOs, CFOs, and CTOs

  • Significant cost savings when using included queuing features bundled with ISI Queue Analytics vs. Contact Center applications
  • Reduced complexity — easier to manage for Operations and Voice Teams
  • Easily add additional queues and users as needed

For Operations Teams

  • Call Center-like analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Implement and manage core Contact Center KPIs without heavy investment
  • Actionable intelligence driven by customer calling experience metrics

For IT and Voice Teams

  • Seamless integration with existing calling platform
  • Simplify ad-hoc reporting and end-to-end caller journey analytics
  • Easier to manage call center-like capabilities vs. Contact Center applications

Maximize Your Webex Experience with ISI Analytics

Track call volume, agent performance, and customer satisfaction indicators for improved service quality.

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To use this product, you must have a Webex Calling subscription including the Webex Pro Pack along with an Infortel Select license from ISI. For more information on pricing and subscription options, please contact ISI sales.

To use Infortel Select, users simply need an active Webex account and an Infortel Select account.

Once you purchase, you will be assigned a project manager who will provide you with a link to authorize the collection of call records and walk you through the activation process.

To authorize a service app:

1. Log in to your organization’s Control Hub (
2. Find the Service App you want to authorize. Service Apps can be found under Management > Apps > Service Apps. If you cannot see the Service App in question, you need to ask the developer to have them submit for Admin Authorization or App Hub submission You can click the Service App and will see the service app’s description, developer info, and requested scopes.
3. When ready to authorize the Service App, click Authorize followed by Save. Your name is shown as the authorizing user in Control Hub. An entry in AdminAudit events is also created, documenting who authorized the Service App.
4. You should inform ISI that you have authorized their Service App.

To access application features of ISI Analytics, simply login using the following URL:


Infortel Select collects, processes, stores, and provides reporting on communications events occurring within Webex. Event records typically represent one or more types of communication events including, voice calls, video calls, and Webex meetings.

Communications events may include internal VoIP conversations, outbound or inbound calls with external parties, and conference calls involving multiple parties.

The following types of personal information may be collected, stored, and reported upon:

  • Organizational Hierarchy
    • Company Name
    • Site Location
    • Department Name
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Title
  • Employee Telephone Number
  • Call Detail Records may include call date; call time; call duration; internal party name and telephone number; telephone number dialed; calling party number; city, state, and country of call destination or origin.

Processed call information is made available to customers via a secured web interface or delivered directly to authorized customer recipients based upon customer instruction. ISI does not own or control any of the information it processes on behalf of ISI’s customer. All such information is owned and controlled by ISI’s customer. All data is encrypted both in motion and at rest.

For more information, see the ISI Privacy Policy 

Cisco, Webex, and Webex Calling are all registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Experience the power of ISI Analytics

Unified Communications has changed telecom and the ways we communicate. To secure the CDR reporting and data analytics visibility you need to access and use trapped call data, manage telecom infrastructure, monitor customer experience and employee productivity, and secure historical records, you need the power of ISI Analytics.

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