Hybrid Calling Environments Require Robust Reporting & Analytic Tools

ISI Delivers… One Reporting & Analytics Platform capturing caller journey across multiple Cisco Platforms such as Cisco UCM, WebEx, CUBE, SME and UCCX


Cisco Live! 2023 was an amazing event!

We announced our Cisco Multiplatform End-to-End Caller Journey Analytics Solution.

We were able to get some helpful feedback on our upgraded portal user experience from current customers and some wonderful new people we met.

  • Some of the ISI Team at ISI's Collaboration Village Kiosk

Overwhelmingly, from the keynotes on hybrid collaboration to the major announcements, one thing was clear:

Hybrid work is here to stay and organizations need better tools to simplify collaboration management and improve productivity.

A recent Gartner study projects that by the end of 2023, 39% of knowledge workers worldwide will have a hybrid job (defined by Gartner as remote but requiring at least one day in the office.)  The study notes that hybrid work is up from previous years, while fully remote positions have been on the decline, with 20% of U.S. knowledge workers working remotely all the time.

Some major companies have required workers to return to the office after 3+ years of disruption to the typical office-based working experience, but often these mandates allow hybrid work arrangements because of their mutual benefits. For jobs that can be done remotely, a hybrid schedule can result in reduced employer costs, increased employee productivity, and better work-life balance.

After years of drastic changes in workplace and customer communication, now is a good time to see the role calling analytics plays in your organization, and how you can simplify access to the most meaningful information.


Many organizations have learned that to adequately manage today’s telecom networks, provide superior customer call experiences, and enable higher levels of employee productivity, they need more powerful and more diverse reporting tools centered around their hybrid UC environments.

Enhanced CDR reporting and analytics, provide visibility into employee, customer, and partner interactions, helping organizations answer key questions:

  • Are employees answering calls timely?
  • Are sales reps meeting their call quotas?
  • How long are callers waiting on hold?
  • Are there touchpoint issues, like excessive call transfers?
  • What are the peak calling traffic times during the day?


Enhanced CDR reporting and analytics also provides easier and more accurate call accounting, cost allocation, and chargeback capabilities, so orgs can better answer:

  • How can we keep track of UC costs and provide true usage-based chargeback of variable costs associated with call activity?
  • Can we monitor telecom spend and get the most value from our telecom systems?
  • What is our organization’s telecom spend by department?


And, maintaining compliance can be challenging with growing regulations and guidelines. Call Records Compliance features of enhanced CDR reporting and analytics help you answer:

  • Can we reduce historical research and documentation time?
  • Can we ensure compliant data availability and provide user-defined automatic destruction of aged data?
  • Do we have the resources to promptly complete call audit trail requests? (How long did it take last time you needed to get a call history report? How much employee time did the activity use up?)



Whether your organization uses Cisco UCM, Webex Calling, Microsoft Teams, Avaya, or another on-premises or cloud-based calling platform, ISI can provide you with the answers to these questions and more, providing powerful insights to power your organization’s success.

Learn more about Infortel Select, connect with us for a demo, which is always the best way for us to show you why so many organizations trust ISI’s analytics for their Unified Communications.