ISI Supercharged in 2023 – An Overview From Our CEO, Jason Forehand

Hi, we’re ISI.  

If you’re here, you’re probably considering our product for CDR reporting and analytics or at least are interested in learning more about what ISI does. Thank you for visiting!

The advent of unified communications has changed the way businesses communicate with their employees, customers, and partners. While UC innovations have improved how organizations communication and collaborate, they’ve also added some challenges and opportunities, too.

Let me introduce (or re-introduce) ISI, tell you about some of the exciting ways organizations from all sorts of industries save time and money and gain better calling visibility with enhanced CDR reporting and analytics.

Decades of Enhanced Voice Analytics

ISI has 40+ years of experience supporting Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, AudioCodes and hosted UCaaS platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling and Avaya OneCloud.

Our Infortel Select software provides crucial business information to organizations that reduces costs, simplifies management, and gives organizations better visibility of calling activity.


See how Infortel Select turns call data into useful information:


Ready to get started?

The ISI team is here to assist enterprise organizations learn more about Call Detail Record reporting and data analytics for their unified communications platforms. How can we help?


Voice analytics is in our DNA – our platform agnostic approach means that as UC environments change, such as with the today’s hybrid work and multi-platform use, organizations can always get the right insights to make business critical decisions.

Moving from an on-prem platform to cloud calling?

Bring enterprise-level analytics and reporting with you with Infortel Select. Our cloud software provides over 3,000 customers with a secure and reliable platform for their CDR Reporting and Analytics needs.

Infortel Select features an intuitive dashboard and a user interface optimized for Line of Business use.

Here are just a few popular dashboard views:


With Infortel Select, enterprises can hold staff (like customer service and sales teams) accountable through actionable and accurate reporting, report on metrics like number of calls made, answered, forwarded to voicemail or abandoned, and provide Cradle-to-Grave reporting addressing whether callers were transferred (Cisco only).

Read more about how better visibility into customer call paths can significantly impact service quality.


Check out our prerecorded webinar “Call Center Metrics without a Contact Center” to learn more about the power of queue and hunt group analytics.

Organizations can import carrier call data for reporting and analytics, slice and dice data easily and seamlessly through Infortel Select’s integrated dashboard and reporting interface and provide lines of business managers a customizable dashboard so that each can view their team’s activity only.

And, with optional access to ISI’s API, organizations can perform further data consolidation and correlation with other internal metrics.

Here are ways customers are leveraging ISI’s API today:

  • Access to process call records for internal BI analysis
  • Integrate ISI data into other internal Apps or workflows
  • Enhance Power BI or Tableau Dashboards fed with ISI data


A Single Pane of Glass Solution for Voice Network Teams

Infortel Select is optimized for line of business manager use, but also is a valuable tool for your voice and IT teams, allowing you to monitor lines across Cisco, wireless carriers, Avaya, Microsoft Teams or WebEx Calling. With our easy-to-use UI for org level and multi-data source reporting, your voice network team can view SIP trunk utilization and call quality (QoS, Cisco only), track adds, moves and changes with seamless directory sync options, and obtain organization hierarchy reporting with role-based security.

Infortel Select tracks 911 calls, including where the calls originated for call records compliance and audit purposes. Satisfy legal and HR requests for call detail records, and easily provide proof of voice, video, and conference calls made and received.

And, we make call accounting easier for finance teams with report flexibility for carrier bill reconciliation, chargeback for internal allocation or invoice generation for billing of telecom services to clients or tenants. It’s scalable, flexible, and customizable to meet unique business requirements. Most importantly, there is no on-prem hardware/software required with ISI and its CDR collection capabilities. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why customers choose ISI: 

Comprehensive Solutions: Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. Infortel Select is platform agnostic, but you can read more about how we specifically support:

Cisco CUCM

Cisco UCCX

WebEx Calling

Microsoft Teams



Infortel Select isn’t just a CDR reporting tool, we’re a powerful analytics solution.  Go deeper and learn more about the many Infortel Select use cases, including:

Employee Productivity & Caller Experience

CDR Data Compliance

Call Accounting & Cost Allocation

See how different industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and the public sector gain value from their calling data with ISI’s insights.

And, just as the ways enterprises communicate have changed, ISI continues innovating and evolving Infortel Select with new features, including the ability to Access Data with ISI’s API, bolster security with SSO & MFA, and gain call center metrics, without the cost and complexity of a full fledged contact center solution, with Premium Queue Analytics.  

And, we’re excited that very shortly, Infortel Select will have a brand new look.

We’ve been working on a new Infortel Select dashboard that we believe provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Check it out here:

Stay tuned as we will shortly be releasing this update to all of our customers.

And, our new Infortel Select dashboard experience is just the beginning of several planned improvements, including our new reports engine, easier administration, and greater calling activity visibility.

Where to find us

ISI has partnered with many of the top Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya Systems Integrators, who can help you procure Infortel Select. Find us on the Webex AppHub,  learn more about us on our Cisco Partner Page. We are also available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing incentives for most large enterprises.

And lastly, we always strive to deliver Outstanding Support. Our team of experts is always available to help you with any questions or issues. Our customers have a dedicated support team of system engineers based in the United States and a personal Customer Success Manager.

Through our Cloud Pro Managed Services, Technical Success Managers are available as well. Our commitment to support and optimal user experience is behind our continual improvement efforts, such as a new Dashboard UI that will soon vastly improve the look and feel of Infortel Select, and new self-service support options that will also be coming soon.

Hybrid work and communication are here for good, and for the good of organizations worldwide. Support your organization’s UC today, and in the future with ISI’s powerfully smart CDR reporting and analytics. To learn more about Infortel Select, connect with us for a demo, which is always the best way for us to show you why so many organizations trust ISI’s analytics for their Unified Communications.