Gaining Complete Agent Call Visibility with Enhanced UC Analytics

The Problem:

A financial services company’s collection department wasn’t hitting its performance metrics. Some agents were circumventing the system to avoid speaking with accounts, leading to customer frustration and poor agent performance. The root of the problem: management’s lack of complete visibility into agent calling activity.

The Solution:

ISI’s Infortel Select Cloud Analytics with Managed Services



After implementing ISI’s Infortel Select, the customer was able to identify low performing agents through improved visibility of calling activity. By eliminating caller experience blind spots, the customer was able to make near real-time staffing changes, and increase debt collection revenue.

“ISI allows us to identify non-performing staff, enabling our team to make quicker staffing changes.” – Collaboration Voice Lead

With ISI, the customer:

  • Gained greater visibility into customer experience improvement opportunities
  • Enabled an organization-wide initiative to increase debt collection revenue
  • Optimized staffing, both in the short and long-term
  • Removed dependency on IT teams to provide daily, weekly, and monthly reporting

Infortel Select provides easier, faster, and more valuable insights into employee productivity and caller experience.

Line of business managers can view call counts and durations, ranking and exception reports, cradle-to-grave caller experience reports, ring time and abandoned calls, and call center-like reporting for hunt groups, native call queueing, and call queues.

Learn more about how ISI’s powerfully smart UC analytics help organizations improve employee productivity, caller experience, compliance reporting, and call accounting.

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