Better 911 Call Visibility Results in Cost Savings & Easier Compliance

The Problem:

A global technology company was receiving large and unjustified vendor invoices relating to 911 calls.

The Solution:

Infortel Select’s enhanced calling activity reporting, including 911 alarm reports using call detail record search.



With Infortel Select, the customer was able to justify or dispute charges with accurate information.

“We could not identify nor justify the large 911 invoices we were receiving from the vendor. I put together reports using Infortel Select, and we were able to dispute a few of them successfully and the subsequent invoices have remained low since the vendor knows we actually verify each charge.” – Lead Telecom Engineer

With ISI, the customer also reconfigured reports for 911 and 11 calls, which will simplify proof of compliance with Kari’s Law and other regulations regarding 911 calling activity records.

To comply with a dynamic regulatory environment, organizations need:

  • Complete historical call activity visibility
  • Fast, flexible, and on-demand ad hoc search tools
  • Storage retention policies exceeding 7+ years

Infortel Select provides easier, faster, and more valuable insights, enabling cost savings for billing errors uncovered through calling activity reports, and quick access to detailed information to support compliance efforts.

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