Maximizing Your Cisco Hunt Group’s Value

In Cisco UC environments, hunt groups are a popular alternative to full-fledged contact center platforms. Often more cost-effective than their higher-end counterparts, hunt groups still meet the same fundamental business requirements for call handling, wait time, and overall customer experience measurement.

And yet, enterprises need better historic reporting – and real-time visibility into Native Call Queueing calls in queue and agent status – than than the reporting capabilities that can be found inside the proverbial Cisco hunt group “box.”

ISI UC Analytics give just such visibility, providing enterprises the data they need to effectively manage their businesses.

Hunt Group Reporting helps business managers attain a myriad of business-impacting benefits, including:

  • Real-time Hunt Group Queues visibility: Calls in queue; oldest call in queue; and available agents. (Note: Requires Cisco’s Native Call Queueing.)
  • Real-time Hunt Group Agent Status by Agent Name: Shows the hunt groups each agent is logged into; their current status; the amount of time they are in that status; and the calls handled. (Note: Also requires Cisco’s Native Call Queueing.)
  • Cisco Native Call Queueing application visibility for queued calls; queue times; and the percentage of queued calls by hunt group.
  • Poor caller experience event identification: Abandoned calls; excessively transferred calls; party disconnects; and redirects to voice mail.
  • Call source analysis determines which internal departments are generating the most support calls.
  • Peak hunt group traffic times identification for more accurate staff level forecasting.
  • Abandoned call visibility and analysis: Calling party ID; actual ring time before disconnect; and offending agent identification.
  • Reporting on and evaluating call counts: Call types and durations by hour of day for each hunt group and answering agent.

Hunt Group Questions Our Customers Are Asking

Q: “I want to enhance our customers’ purchase and support experiences and think optimizing inbound call engagement will help. Can ISI provide real-time hunt group visibility and not just end-of-day historical reporting?”

A: Yes. ISI UC Analytics offer immediate, real-time hunt group agent activity dashboards that allow managers to make proactive decisions that can significantly strengthen customer ties. With ISI, you have an up-to-the-minute status on what your agents are doing. Thus, you know when to staff up and you can identify and resolve agent performance issues.

Each agent name is displayed along with their current call status; the amount of time spent in their current call status; the total number of calls the agent handled; and the number of calls the agent transferred that day.

Q: “Does the ISI solution provide visual tools to streamline hunt group management and make it less cumbersome and time consuming than my current tools?”

A: Yes. Gain the visibility and understanding of what’s happening now – and the ability to intervene immediately – with refreshed calls-in-queue, oldest calls-in-queue, available agents, and other critical statistic displays that are refreshed in real-time.

Set “good,” “poor,” and “critical” hunt group and agent status thresholds. Color-coded dashboards provide valuable early-warning issue alerts that speed response times.

Q: “I’m a regional sales manager for a national retail chain and want customers to visit my stores rather than a competitor’s. We know that inbound calls come overwhelmingly from ready-to-buy consumers who simply need another reason to shop with me. Is there a way to track inbound calls and know how they are routed in each of my stores?”

A: Yes. Utilize ISI UC Analytics to configure your hunt groups and track the entire call journey, on a call-by-call basis, from start to finish. Customize these groups to get calls answered by the right person, in the right department, at the right time – eliminating caller frustration and costly hang ups from such things as excessive call transfers.

Q: “Missed calls are the bane of my insurance agency’s existence and significantly impact how customers rate us on online reputation forums such as Yelp. Can ISI help me see and evaluate the calls we aren’t answering?”

A: Yes. With ISI, you see the number of calls that were answered; call durations; the busiest hunt group call times; the call ring length; the number of calls that go to voicemail; and the number of calls that go unanswered. And this is just the beginning.

Q: “Agent overhead is a core part of our call handling operations. Is it possible to secure call data and better align changing call volumes with staffing requirements?”

A: Yes. ISI UC Analytics will reduce your annual call handling expenditures. Mondays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. are your busiest times? ISI helps you staff accordingly. Call volumes appearing to drop as the weekend nears? Utilize ISI reports to identify and confirm such trends and adjust the corresponding resource requirements.

Q: “I need to better understand call agent productivity and identify training and coaching opportunities. Where do I begin these efforts?”

A: ISI UC Analytics can readily assist with agent proficiency assessments and skill development assessments. You can, for starters, identify longer than average calls lengths; increases and decreases in the number calls handled; and an excessive amount of call transfers.