Improving Cisco Contact Center Customer Experience – Beyond the Limitations of Native Reports

Customer experience (CX) is critical to long-term success. Happy customers drive sustainable business growth, adding to your bottom line through retention and referrals. Dissatisfied customers can have the opposite effect, potentially destroying your brand’s reputation overnight.

According to the Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention as little as 5%, could boost the bottom-line profits of your business by up to 95%. Customer experience is that important – now more than ever, in the viral internet age where opinions spread quickly and are archived forever.

Contact centers are an efficient way to scale your customer service efforts, multiplying your workforce to meet the needs of a growing customer base. But they can be a mysterious ‘black box’, without the reporting and analytics infrastructure to see what’s going on inside them.

Native reporting within Cisco contact center doesn’t provide the flexibility to generate customizable reporting, giving you the relevant information that you need on-demand. Due to this, and increasing complexity from additional data channels, visibility has become increasingly clouded in recent years:

  • Legacy call centers have transformed into multi-channel contact centers
  • Technology has become increasingly complex
  • Agents have gone remote and cloud-based

With these challenges, it has become harder than ever to provide flawless customer experience. Without full cradle-to-grave visibility, there could weak points anywhere in your customer’s journey, that ruins their experience. Many of these issues could be easily resolved, if you identify and address them before it’s too late.

The good news is there’s an incredible amount of data waiting to be unlocked within the contact center system, about caller journey, agent performance, and other key contributors to customer experience.

However, without the right tools, it’s not easy to separate the signal from the noise and make the meaningful decisions needed to move the needle on CX. ISI can help you start making sense of the data, and facilitate empowering communication between your customers and agents.

Visibility is the key

As complexity grows, visibility shrinks, and it becomes harder to maintain superior customer experience at an affordable ROI. The challenge is in simplifying large amounts of raw data, into reports that are easy to generate and make sense of. Contact center managers can make better decisions when they’re empowered to gather these simple, actionable insights on a daily basis or in real time.

ISI reporting delivers such reports with cradle-to-grave visibility, in a highly intuitive format that is easy for anyone in your organization to use and understand.

  • Quickly generate and organize reports on-demand, without I.T. assistance
  • Save time and avoid errors caused by Excel ‘data dumps’
  • Pull data from multiple sources, through integrated analytics and single-pane dashboards.
  • Get instant visibility into agent status, call queues, and monitor KPIs as they reach critical levels, with real-time views.

This level of reporting is not standard on Cisco platforms (UCCX, UCCE, PCCE, etc…)

ISI offers a simple and easy way to see exactly what’s happening on in your call centers, by taking large amounts of raw data and delivering it to you with elegant simplicity

We’ve been on the leading edge of contact center reporting and analytics for over 40 years. We’re the trusted choice for healthcare, financial services, government, and countless other sectors where customer experience is essential.

If you can’t afford to be left in the dark about what goes on inside your contact centers, schedule a demo with ISI to see what we can do for you.

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