Complete Caller Journey Visibility for Multiplatform UC Environments Coming Soon

Today’s UC environments are complex, with enterprises using a variety of calling platforms.

There’s probably some legacy calling platforms implemented in the past that might still serve their purpose.

You may have inherited different calling platforms during a merger or acquisition giving rise to some integration challenges.

You may have different departments or teams within an enterprise that have unique communication requirements, or you may be a global organization with operations that have different calling platforms deployed in various regions due to infrastructure regulations or vendor preference.

These multiple calling platforms present a challenge to the goal of making the entire caller journey visible.


A presenter showing a graphic depicting call legs being transferred from various telecommunications edge devices.
ISI CEO Jason Forehand presenting his session “Multiplatform End-to-End Caller Journey Analytics” at Cisco Live! 2023 in the Collaboration Village


This recent customer example illustrates the problem:

A national retailer uses both UCM and Webex queues.

The business also use a combination of CUBEs and Session Manager Edition for connecting SIP trunks.

    • A call comes into a retail location.
    • It originates on a SIP trunk connected to a CUBE, which arrives at Webex based on auto attendant selection.
    • The call is sent to an on-prem line group.
    • It’s answered by a hunt group member.
    • After this person tries to help they realize they need to transfer the call to a different department.
    • This results in delivering the call back to a Webex queue.
    • Now unfortunately no one answers and the call fails over to a UCM hunt pilot.
    • That call is answered by an agent who’s registered to a phone on UCM …
    • who in turn sends it back to that same Webex queue
    • and it’s finally answered by a Webex agent.

As you can see the problem is clear.


One customer call resulted in multiple call legs, platforms, edge devices, data sources. Even if you have reports for each individual platform, there’s no view of all the call legs involved in this single customer interaction.

So how do you make sense of it all?

At ISI we have a solution to make sense of it all coming soon.

We call it Multi-platform End-to-End Caller Journey Analytics.

With this new release organizations that generate calling data from different UC platforms will soon have access to streamlined, accurate and fast reporting of call activity in one view.

These insights are not available with Cisco’s native reporting or with any existing CDR reporting and analytics solution.

Look for more information soon – get updates and early access to the release.