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Next-gen reporting for UCCX

Level up your reporting from CUIC. Infortel Select has a robust set of Contact Center reporting tools to make better-informed business decisions. Our robust contact center analytics can create unified reporting across CUCM and UCCX with no historical limits.

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The Next Generation of Cisco Contact Center Reporting

Picking up where Cisco’s Native Reporting Tools leave off, featuring no historical limits and cross-platform reporting.

Data gathering from both CUCM and UCCX sources in a single application.

No CUIC-imposed historical and data reporting limits.

The information you need from a nearly infinite number of custom and predesigned reports.

No IT department report generation reliance.

An end to Excel spreadsheet-based reporting.

Report generation when you choose: On-demand or during off-peak hours.

Infortel Select Fills Cisco UCCX Reporting Gaps

The Challenge

Today’s business climate necessitates more and better Contact Center visibility into agent engagement with customers. The main drivers for this include an increasing reliance on automation, achieving customer satisfaction, collecting and actioning customer information, and increasing customer loyalty.

The difficulty lies in the inherent deficiencies found in most native reporting tools. Some standard tools may offer a degree of service level achievement and agent or queue metrics. But they typically do not allow Contact Center and business managers to either identify issue root causes or take reasoned, corrective, real-time actions to address these issues.

The Solution

Infortel Select’s advanced Contact Center application fills the significant reporting gap that exists between standard tools capabilities and the business needs of enterprises for more flexible, granular, and customizable analytics tools.

Transform your call center reporting

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Built for Today's Contact Center Reporting Needs

And Tomorrow’s as Well

Real-time Dashboards

Monitor call queues, agents, and service levels and use this information to take immediate action.

Custom Report Generator

Create the flexible reports you want to see at the level of granularity required for effective analysis and decision-making.

Historic Trend Reporting

End users can define retention time for collected metrics and create a historic database of key queue and agent statistics that can be retrieved and presented at any time.

Agent and Queue Metrics in the Same Report

Collect and associate agent and queue information and make both call activity attributes available for display and analysis within any report.

Consolidated Reporting

Multi-platform support with information presented on a single screen. Views include both Unified Communications and Contact Center activity.

Complete Network Analysis

Conventional and SIP trunk utilization views, peak concurrent call monitoring, and trend analysis for use in right-sizing network services.

"Telephony technology continues to iterate, yet voice remains foundational for conversations and provides immeasurable value to businesses by making communications clear and efficient... With VoIP, voice also becomes a data stream. This adds another layer of business value that goes beyond conversations."

Jon Arnold


Premium queue analytics for CUCM and Webex

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Enabling you to replace costly call center infrastructure

Premium Queue Analytics satisfies the same fundamental business requirements for call handling, wait time, and overall customer experience measurement – significantly enhancing standard reporting tools. This feature is available for Cisco UCM, Hunt Groups, Webex Calling, and coming soon for Microsoft Teams.

Experience the power of ISI Analytics

Unified Communications has changed telecom and the ways we communicate. To secure the CDR reporting and data analytics visibility you need to access and use trapped call data, manage telecom infrastructure, monitor customer experience and employee productivity, and secure historical records, you need the power of ISI Analytics.

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