ISI Launches UC Analytics for Microsoft Teams to Enhance Visibility

CHICAGO – ISI, the UC Analytics Company™, today announced UC deployment support for Microsoft Teams via the Microsoft Graph API. This critical integration allows ISI to support the analytics and data reporting needs of enterprises at every stage of their Teams deployments. Already, ISI is supporting Teams implementations in financial services, healthcare, retail, government, and education.

As Teams proliferates within enterprise voice networks, ISI UC Analytics give business managers and IT departments enhanced reporting visibility. For enterprises phasing Teams into their organizations, ISI can continue to collect, process, and report data from incumbent systems as required until the Teams migration is completed.

“Whether an organization is utilizing just a portion of the Microsoft Teams platform initially or completing a total Teams migration,” said Chris Welch, ISI Vice President of Sales, “ISI provides the secure and platform-agnostic reporting capabilities required for comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass voice network analysis of onsite, remote office, as well as home-based employee communications traffic.”

“The significant growth of Microsoft Teams in the last year makes clear the critical need for business managers to have the communications visibility and analytics required to make better informed business decisions,” said Ben Summers, director of product marketing, Microsoft Teams.

About ISI

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