Infortel Select Now Available in Webex App Hub

Infortel Select is now listed on Cisco’s Webex App Hub. We are excited to be included in this premier unified communications ecosystem, and to help power enterprise cloud migrations through advanced Webex Calling analytics.

The Cisco Webex App Hub is a marketplace of powerful third-party apps that take Webex capabilities further. Cisco refers to the Webex App Hub as a “connections platform that helps everyone do their best work every day, everywhere.” The App Hub features a wide variety of Cisco-approved apps with out-of-the-box integrations that help people and enterprises get work done faster and better.

Infortel Select amplifies the power of Webex Calling by turning communications Call Detail Record (CDR) data into accessible, usable, and valuable information. By providing deeper insight into customer, employee, and partner communications activities, Infortel Select helps:

  • Improve employee productivity and manage staffing needs
  • Provide easier access to critical compliance and business information
  • Calculate call costs and ensure accurate cost allocation, chargeback, and tenant billing
  • Analyze traffic and aid network planning
  • Detect abuse and misuse
  • Support technology adoption and device utilization

“We are excited to extend our work within the Cisco community through our inclusion in the Webex App Hub ecosystem,” said Jason Forehand, ISI CEO. “More than ever, business leaders need Infortel Select’s extensive and granular visibility into departmental calling activities to monitor network capacity and QoS; enhance customer experiences and employee productivity; and quickly respond to compliance audits.”

Infortel Select is just one tool that Webex Calling customers can access to create powerful custom integrations to redefine workflows and save time.

“The Webex Platform offers a wide range of third-party solutions for our customers,” said Jason Copeland, Vice President, Webex Platform. “Infortel Select offers an expanded range of calling-related features critical for certain use cases.”

With Infortel Select, you get more from Webex by gaining visibility into your call activity through off-the-shelf reports tailored to your business needs. Infortel Select even offers reports specific to industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and the public sector.

Ready to see the power of Infortel Select in action? Learn more about Infortel Select for Webex Calling, and contact us for a demo today!