Case Study: Retail Chain Implements ISI Queue Analytics, Gains Impressive 3-Year ROI


A leading Regional Retail Chain with a 50-agent call center was challenged by the escalating costs and complexities of its Avaya contact center solution. Seeking a cost-effective yet robust alternative, the chain aimed to enhance its communication infrastructure with a focus on long-term return on investment (ROI).


The chain’s Avaya solution included high costs for software licensing, hardware, and outsourced IT support. To streamline operations and realize significant cost savings over time, a strategic shift was necessary.


The chain chose to migrate to Microsoft Teams Phone with ISI Queue Analytics, integrated with Infortel Cloud. This solution was selected for its advanced analytics, ease of management, and potential for significant cost reductions. The migration plan included:

  • Adopting Microsoft Teams Queues and E5 licenses for enhanced communication features
  • Implementing Infortel Cloud with Queue Analytics
  • Reducing outsourced IT support costs by 60%
  • Including a professional services package for the transition from Avaya to Microsoft Teams Phone

Cost Breakdown Over 3 Years

Previous Platform (Avaya)

Annual Costs:

  • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC): $22,450
  • Avaya Call Management System (CMS): $11,250
  • Hardware: $8,000 ($24,000 amortized over 3 years)
  • Outsourced IT Support: $193,000
  • Microsoft E3 Licenses (to support email and back-office operations): $21,600
  • Total Annual Cost: $256,300

3-Year Total: $768,900

New Platform (Microsoft Teams with ISI Queue Analytics)

Annual Costs:

  • Microsoft E5 Licenses: $34,200
  • Infortel Cloud with Queue Analytics: $23,782
  • Reduced Outsourced IT Support: $44,000
  • Professional Services (one-time): $35,000 ($105,000 amortized over 3 years)
  • Total Annual Cost: $170,182

3-Year Total: $510,546


Over a 3-year period, the retail chain realized 34% total savings of $258,354 by transitioning to Microsoft Teams with ISI Queue Analytics. This substantial reduction in operational costs, combined with the enhanced efficiency and analytic capabilities of the new system, exemplified a successful strategic investment.


The chain’s decision to switch from an Avaya system to Microsoft Teams and ISI Queue Analytics solution demonstrated a remarkable 3-year ROI. The case study highlights the significant long-term financial benefits and operational improvements achievable through migrating to a cloud-based unified communication solution with integrated analytics.

Future Prospects

With the successful implementation of Microsoft Teams and ISI Queue Analytics, the chain is well-positioned to further optimize its customer communication strategies and explore additional cloud-based solutions for continued growth and innovation.

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